Event Schedule

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Upcoming Events

Live Music 7-10pm,  Trivia 7:30-10pm

DAY DATE BAND/EVENT (hover for video links!)
Thu 3-Jan Dub Apocalypse
Fri 4-Jan The Wolff Sisters
Sat 5-Jan Willie Laws
Tue 8-Jan Trivia Night
Thu 10-Jan Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings
Fri 11-Jan Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 12-Jan Nevena Djordjevic
Tue 15-Jan Trivia Tuesday
Thu 17-Jan Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings w/ guest Lyle Brewer
Fri 18-Jan Cindy Lou & Friends
Sat 19-Jan Little Jed & the Fat Daddies
Tue 22-Jan Trivia Tuesday
Thu 24-Jan Brogue
Fri 25-Jan Million Dollar Day
Sat 26-Jan Bigfoot & the Believers
Tue 29-Jan Trivia Tuesday
Thu 31-Jan Four Piece Suit



DAY DATE BAND/EVENT (hover for video links!)
Fri 1-Feb Willie Laws
Sat 2-Feb Off Label
Tue 5-Feb Trivia Tuesday
Thu 7-Feb Dub Apocalypse
Fri 8-Feb Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 9-Feb Groovy Situation
Tue 12-Feb Trivia Tuesday
Thu 14-Feb Johnny Trama & t/ B3 Kings
Fri 15-Feb Cindy Lou & Friends
Sat 16-Feb Bill McGoldrick
Tue 19-Feb Trivia Tuesday
Thu 21-Feb Johnny Trama & special guests
Fri 22-Feb Unclaimed Freight
Sat 23-Feb Little Jed & the Phat Daddies
Tue 26- Feb Trivia Tuesday
Thu 28-Feb Brogue


Past Events


DAY DATE BAND/EVENT (hover for video links!)
Sat 1-Dec Melodious Funk
Tue 4-Dec Trivia Tuesday
Thu 6-Dec Dub Apocalypse
Fri 7-Dec The Coalboilers feat. Gary Backstrom
Sat 8-Dec Little Jed & the Phat Daddies
Tue 11-Dec Trivia Tuesday
Thu 13-Dec Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings
Fri 14-Dec Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 15-Dec Unclaimed Freight
Tue 18-Dec Trivia Tuesday
Thu 20-Dec Johnny Trama & special guests
Fri 21-Dec Cindy Lou & Friends
Sat 22-Dec TBD
Thu 27-Dec Brogue
Fri 28-Dec GA-20 featuring Matt Stubbs
Sat 29-Dec Unclaimed Freight


Fri 2-Nov Melodious Funk
Sat 3-Nov The Coalboilers ft. Gary Backstrom & Charley Carrozo
Thu 8-Nov Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings
Fri 9-Nov Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 10-Nov Bigfoot & the Believers
Tue 13-Nov Trivia Tuesday
Thu 15-Nov Johnny Trama & special guests
Fri 16-Nov Cindy Lou & Friends
Tue 20-Nov Trivia Tuesday
Fri 23-Nov GA-20 featuring Matt Stubbs
Sat 24-Nov Brogue
Tue 27-Nov Trivia Tuesday
Thu 29-Nov 4 Piece Suit
Fri 30-Nov Portrait In Jazz feat. Brad Ellenberg



Tue 2-Oct Trivia Tuesday
Thu 4-Oct Dub Apocalypse
Fri 5-Oct Melodious Funk
Sat 6-Oct Cindy Lou & Friends
Tue 9-Oct Trivia Tuesday
Thu 11-Oct Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings
Fri 12-Oct Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 13-Oct GA-20 featuring Matt Stubbs
Tue 16-Oct Trivia Tuesday
Thu 18-Oct Brogue
Fri 19-Oct Cindy Lou & Friends
Sat 27-Oct HALLOWEEN COSTUME BASH – Little Jed & the Phat Daddies


Sat 1-Sep GA-20 featuring Matt Stubbs
Tues 4-Sep Trivia Tuesday
Thu 6-Sep Dub Apocalypse
Fri 7-Sep Gary Backstrom
Sat 8-Sep Off Label
Tues 11-Sep Trivia Tuesday
Thu 13-Sep Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings
Fri 14-Sep Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 15-Sep Brad Ellenberg Quartet
Tues 18-Sep Trivia Tuesday
Thu 20-Sep Ken Clark Trio
Fri 21-Sep Million Dollar Day!
Sat 22-Sep Little Jed & the Phat Daddies
Tues 25-Sep Trivia Tuesday
Thu 27-Sep One Fine Swill
Fri 28-Sep Big Foot
Sat 29-Sep Half Wiggum


DAY          DATE            BAND

Thu 2-Aug Cindy Lou & Friends
Fri 3-Aug Melodious Funk
Sat 4-Aug One Fine Swill
Tue 7-Aug Trivia Tuesday
Thu 9-Aug Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings
Fri 10-Aug Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 11-Aug Brad Ellenberg Quartet
Tue 14-Aug Trivia Tuesday
Thu 16-Aug Dub Apocalypse
Fri 17-Aug Unclaimed Freight
Tue 21-Aug Trivia Tuesday
Thu 23-Aug Ken Clark Trio
Fri 24-Aug Timo Shanko
Sat 25-Aug Cindy Lou & Friends
Tue 28-Aug Trivia Tuesday
Thu 30-Aug Brogue
Fri 31-Aug Two Djimm Acoustic


DAY              DATE      BAND

Tue 3-Jul Trivia Tuesday
Thu 5-Jul 4 Piece Suit
Fri 6-Jul Two Djimm Acoustic
Sat 7-Jul Spotted Tiger
Tue 10-Jul Trivia Tuesday
Thu 12-Jul Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings
Fri 13-Jul Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 14-Jul Soul Shakers
Tue 17-Jul Trivia Tuesday
Thu 19-Jul Dub Apocalypse
Fri 20-Jul Melodious Funk
Sat 21-Jul 4 Piece Suit
Tue 24-Jul Trivia Tuesday
Thu 26-Jul Big Foot
Fri 27-Jul GA-20 featuring Matt Stubbs
Sat 28-Jul Freebalin’ Ft. Billy Blackstone
Tue 31-Jul Trivia Tuesday



Fri 1-Jun Unclaimed Freight
Sat 2-Jun One Fine Swill
Thu 7-Jun Bill McGoldrick Acoustic Duo
Fri 8-Jun Thaddeus Hogarth
Sat 9-Jun 4 Piece Suit
Thu 14-Jun Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings
Sat 16-Jun Gary Backstrom
Thu 21-Jun Brogue
Fri 22-Jun Melodious Funk
Sat 23-Jun One Fine Swill
Thu 28-Jun Dub Apocalypse
Fri 29-Jun Unclaimed Freight
Sat 30-Jun Dylan Cohen solo



Tue   1-May           Trivia Night

Thu   3-May           Ken Clark Trio

Fri     4-May           Steve Rondo Acoustic Solo – CINCO DE MAYO WEEKEND SPECIALS 

Sat     5-May         Richie Aversa & Steve Rondo Duo – CINCO DE MAYO WEEKEND SPECIALS 

Tue   8-May           Trivia Night

Thu   10-May        John Trama & the B3 Kings

Fri     11-May        Thaddeus Hogarth

Sat     12-May       Cindy Lou & Friends

Tue    15-May        Trivia Night

Thu   17-May        Four Piece Suit

Fri     18-May        Unclaimed Freight

Sat     19-May        Cindy Lou & Friends

Tue   22-May         Trivia Night

Thu   24-May        Brogue

Fri     25-May        Off Label

Sat     26-May        Cindy Lou & Friends

Tue   29-May         Trivia Night

Thu   31-May         Dub Apocalypse



Tue   3-Apr           Trivia Night

Thu   5-Apr           Dub Apocalypse

Fri     6-Apr           Big Foot County

Sat     7-Apr          Ken Clark Organ Trio

Tue   10-Apr         Trivia Night

Thu   12-Apr         Johnny Trama & the B3 Kings w/Neph

Fri     13-Apr         Thaddeus Hogarth

Sat     14-Apr         Steve Rondo & Richie Aversa

Tue   17-Apr          Trivia Night

Thu   19-Apr         Ken Clark & Johnny Trama Trio

Fri     20-Apr         Cindy Lou & Friends

Sat     21-Apr         Greg Luttrell

Tue   24-Apr         Trivia Night

Thu   26-Apr         Brogue

Fri     27-Apr         Little Jed & the Phat Daddies

Sat     28-Apr         Melodious Funk



Thu   1-Mar           Dub Apocalypse

Fri     2-Mar           Two Djimm Acoustic feat. Jimbo & Tony from Playing Dead  8-11PM

Sat     3-Mar           Cindy Lou & Friends

Thu   8-Mar           John Trama & the B3 Kings

Fri     9-Mar           Thaddeus Hogarth

Sat     10-Mar        Gary Backstrom

Thu   15-Mar        Ken Clark & Johnny Trama Trio

Fri     16-Mar        Melodious Funk

Sat     17-Mar        Unclaimed Freight

Thu   22-Mar        Brogue

Fri     23-Mar        Hoodoo Slam feat. Patrick Faherty

Sat     24-Mar        Cindy Lou & Friends

Thu   29-Mar        Appleton Garage

Fri     30-Mar        S.S. Minnow

Sat     31-Mar        Spotted Tiger



Thu   1-Feb           Dub Apocalypse

Fri     2-Feb           Unclaimed Freight

Sat     3-Feb           Little Jed & the Phat Daddies

Thu   8-Feb           John Trama & the B3 Kings w/Jesse D

Fri     9-Feb           Thaddeus Hogarth

Sat     10-Feb         Cindy Lou & Friends

Thu   15-Feb         Melodious Funk

Fri     16-Feb         Greg Lutrell

Sat     17-Feb         Hoodoo Slam feat. Patrick Faherty

Thu   22-Feb         John Trama & the B3 Kings w/Neph

Fri     23-Feb         John Trama w/Phil Pemberton from Roomful of Blues

Sat     24-Feb         Big Foot County