Reviewed in Dirty Water Magazine

Reviewed in Dirty Water Magazine

With its great schools, plentiful public parks, and more hairdressers, banks and chic consignment stores than even it knows what to do with, the town of Needham continues to be a hot market for old pros and new families.

Finally, there is a new restaurant worthy of all of them that is also bringing people from other ‘burbs and beyond.

 Created by Needham native Aaron Krug (who also gives back as a sponsor of his hometown’s Community Council’s First Bike Ride for Food), 3 Squares ( is, as the name implies, a rare restaurant that actually serves all three major meals each day. It is also the even rarer example of a restaurant that deserves multiple visits each day!

From family-friendly fare to late(r) night noshes, 3 Squares has just what you hanker for any time of day or evening. Whether you belly up to the sleek granite bar to sample their signature drinks and old favorite beers and wines (both of which are available as flights for those who wish to try to find some new favorites) and catch the game (or catch their forthcoming live entertainment), command a center table for that mid-day meeting or snuggle into a corner booth with that special someone. No matter when you come or who with, you are sure to find something that is surprising, simple and satisfying.

A great way to start your 3 Squares story is the same way you should start any successful venture- with a great breakfast! From their signature Carnival Toast to an entire menu of French toast and flapjack options that range from the delicious (apple pie French toast, tutti fruiy flapjacks with native blueberries or bananas, the zesty lemon square hot cakes with fresh berries) to the sublime (the Nutella, banana and marscapone-stuffed King Kong toast or the Reese’s, Oreo or M&M-stuffed flapjacks), there are enough choices to match any diet or lack thereof and to keep you coming back day after day. On in-between days, the page-long egg menu offers its own temptations, including the Rise N Shine with eggs, homefries and toast (meat optional), the egg and steak tips combo, or the Deli Over Under that layers corned beef hash under over easy eggs, a mini menu of Benedicts that will not betray and an entire set of customizable omelets that include such pre-made recommendations as the Aphrodite with Kalamata olives, baby spinach, roasted red pepper and feta cheese, the smoked salmon-packed Lox of Love, or the asparagus and Canadian bacon-mixed Rocket. For the truly hungry, 3 Squares also offers their State Fair breakfast, which includes a pair of eggs, meat, cheese, and Carnival Toast, all for a price that beats any place that has never had racially-based lawsuits or Board of Health issues. In fact, one of the great things about 3 Squares (though far from the only one) is that you can get a real square meal for less green rectangles than at many so-called” value menu” joints!

Moving on to (or returning for) lunch, 3 Squares offers everything from their already famous “Between the Buns” offerings, including Angus beef, grilled chicken breast, white meat turkey or vegetarian burgers with customizable toppings that range from the tried and true (lettuce, tomato and red onion) to the Black and Bleu (as in Cajun spices and cheese) and from the West Coast (avocado, smoked apple wood bacon) to the Big Easy (caramelized onions, wild mushrooms, and cheese) and the festive Circus Burger (open faced with apple wood smoked bacon under a “big top” of cheese on Carnival Toast) to a sandwich board that run from house-cured corned beef to Caprese on wheat ciabatta to BBQ pork and an “untraditional” turkey meatball sub. The menu also offers a solid selection of salads that include everything from a far-from-typical garden variety to a roasted beet-based beauty and the Kung Fu chopped with its “perfect ratio” of greens, cukes, cranberries, tomatoes, beets, edamame, and slivered almonds, all of which can be topped by chicken, tuna, salmon, shrimp or steak tips but few of which can be topped elsewhere.

For dinner servings (and of which are available for takeout from 4Pm-close), 3 Squares offers everything from fish (as in …and chips, pan seared salmon filet or baked Cod) to fowl (bruschetta style, herb-encrusted, or Parmigiana) to beef (Angus tips to Flat Iron) and the “other” white meats (Porterhouse pork and turkey meatloaf). If pasta is your passion, there are still plenty of tastes to come back for, including a “modern” cavatappi and four cheese with truffle oil to a colorful, nutritious and freshly flavorful primavera to a fettuccine bolognese and spaghetti and meatballs that are just like your family used to make, but probably better!

As 3 Squares already has so much to offer, it is easy to see why it works so well as a business lunch spot, a romantic night without a dishwasher or a family restaurant. What really makes it stand apart, however, especially in terms of the family fare, is the inclusion not just of a “kids” menu but a contemporary “tween” menu. While the former includes pizza, burgers, grilled cheese and other fussy eater faves, the latter adds steak tips, fish and chips, wings, ziti Alfredo, and smaller portions of many of the “adult” options. Not only can it fill them up, it can make them feel sophisticated and included (which is so important to young people these days!).

So whether you are a fellow local, new to the area or interested in seeing what great stuff the ‘burbs have to offer; if you have hungry associates, partners, friends, parents, toddlers or teens or anyone else; or if you just want a great meal (or two or three), 3 Squares can set the table for you…and clean up after you are done!


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